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1.1 Our Vision for the Mendip Hills AONB in 15 years

St Hugh's © Diana Javis/Greentraveller

The vision, linked to the Management Plan themes, sets out the ideal state of the AONB in 15 years time. It is hoped it will be achieved through the delivery of this Plan and its successors. In 15 years time there will be:

Landscape Quality

Wide understanding and appreciation of the Mendip Hills as a protected area of distinct character created overtime by the interaction of people and nature. Its ecological, biological, cultural and scenic value conserved and enhanced.

Biodiversity and Geodiversity

Resilient and coherent ecological networks in place providing bigger, better and joined up habitats with no loss of characteristic species. The areas diverse geology is understood and managed for its importance both to the biodiversity and ecosystem services that benefit business, people and wildlife.

Historic Environment and Cultural Heritage

Enhanced understanding of the AONBs historic environment and cultural heritage with appropriate management in place to ensure all sites, structures and landscapes are conserved and enhanced and local communities and visitors enjoy a rich experience of sense of place.

Recreation, Access and Tourism

Provision for enjoyment by a diverse population, from both within and beyond the AONB boundary, through a wide range of active and quiet pursuits that the area can sustain. The area will be accessible, regardless of individual mobility, wealth or background.

Natural Resources

Integrated land use management that has restored and continues to enhance the areas natural resources including soils, food, and water supply. 

Land Management

As the main land use agriculture continues to contribute to enhancing landscape character including ecological networks and the provision of benefits such as clean water. The area of woodland managed for fuel as well as wildlife and recreation has increased.

Development and Transport

Sustainable development in or near to the Mendip Hills AONB is sustainable and enhances and respects the special qualities of the area, including tranquillity, and is contributing to the social and economic needs of the area.


Significant numbers of the local community accessing training and learning to benefit, their involvement in the conservation and enhancement of the Mendip Hills AONB, either through direct employment in the rural economy, or as custodians of the landscape influencing decision makers or volunteering.