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2.3.0 Natural Environment White Paper

Chancellors Farm © Somerset Wildlife Trust/Steve Bond

The Natural Choice: securing the value of nature (June 2011).

Largely influenced by Making Space for Nature, this White Paper set out four ambitions, three of which are key targets for AONB Partnerships:

i) Protecting and improving our natural environment

The AONB Partnership will create more joined-up action at local and regional levels, making the ecological network resilient to changing pressures. In this way, we aim to halt the decline in habitats and species, degradation of landscapes and erosion of natural capital.

See Biodiversity and Geodiversity Objective BG2

ii) Growing a green economy

Protected natural areas can yield returns many times higher than the cost of their protection. The AONB Partnership  will help to create a green economy that takes full advantage of the opportunities afforded by greener goods and services and markets protecting nature’s services. We will work with the areas two Local Enterprise Partnerships and Local Nature Partnerships to highlight and develop these opportunities.

See Recreation, Access and Tourism Objective R2 &

Natural Resources Objectives N1, N2, N3

iii) Reconnecting people and nature

The AONB Partnership will strive to restore lost connections with the natural environment and ensure fairer access to its goods and services.

See Participation Objectives P1, P2, P3 &

Mendip Hills AONB Ecosystem Services table p14