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2.1.0 National Association for AONBs – shared objectives

Cheddar Gorge towards Brent Knoll © Diana Jarvis/Greentraveller

The National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (NAAONB) is the voice of the AONB partnerships in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and represents those involved in the planning and management of 8000 square miles of the UK’s finest landscapes. Many different organisations and individuals contribute to fulfilling the primary purpose of AONB designation- conservation and enhancement of natural beauty, alongside the staff teams dedicated to each AONB. The Mendip Hills AONB Partnership as a member of the NAAONB has signed up to four common objectives:

  1. Conserve and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the UK’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, ensuring they can meet the challenges of the future
  2. Support the economic and social well-being of local communities in ways which contribute to the conservation and enhancement of natural beauty
  3. Promote public understanding and enjoyment of the nature and culture of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and encourage people to take action for their conservation.
  4. Value, sustain, and promote the benefits that the UK’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty provide for society, including clean air and water, food, carbon storage and other services vital to the nation’s health and well-being

2.1.1 The National Association for AONBs provides a coordinating and advisory role for AONBs in responding to and influencing policy and has been actively engaged in the following Government reports, policy and legislation that will influence future management of all AONBs. Below is a brief summary of each with links to key Management Plan objectives to show how these will be delivered in the Mendip Hills. Further detail is provided in the appendix.