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Indicators specific to each Management Plan theme

Landscape Quality

Indicators (data provider):

% of land managed under higher level agri-environment schemes and uptake of Environmental Stewardship options (NE)

% of area that is tranquil (NE)

Biodiversity and Geodiversity

Indicators (data provider)

% of SSSIs in favourable/recovering condition (NE)

% of geological SSSIs units in favourable/recovering condition (NE)

Condition of broad habitats (NE)

Historic Environment and Cultural Heritage

Indicators (data provider):

% of Scheduled Monuments in favourable condition and at risk (EH)

Number of listed and unlisted buildings at risk (EH)

Conservation Areas at risk (EH)



Recreation, Access and Tourism

Indicators (data provider);

%employed in tourism (Defra)

% of AONB accessible (NE)

Length of Public Rights of Way (NE)

Natural Resources

Land Management

Indicators (data providers);

Total area of woodland (Forestry Commission)

% of woodland managed (Forestry Commission)

Area of new woodland created under Forestry Commission Grant Scheme (Forestry Commission)

Amount of rainfall (Environment Agency)

% of metaldehyde contamination (Bristol Water)

Development and Transport

Indicators (data providers)

% of car ownership (censor data)

% Increase in light pollution (CPRE)

% of the AONB that is relatively tranquil (NE)



Indicators( data providers)

Number of volunteer hours(AONB)

Number of Young Rangers completed two year programme (AONB)

Number of practical tasks (AONB)